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A: Asepsis/ Airway

B: Bed sore/ encourage Breathing/ Blood pressure

C: Circulation/ encourage Coughing/ Consciousness

D: Drains


F: Fluid status

G: GI losses/ Gag reflex

H: Head positioning/ Height

I: Insensible losses

J: Jugular venous pulse

K: Kindness

L: Limb care/ Label

M: Mouth care

N: Nociception/ Nutrition

O: Oxygenation/ Orient the patient

P: Pulse/ Peristalsis/ Physiotherapy

Q: Quiet surroundings

R: Respiratory rate/ Restraint

S: Stress ulcer/ Suctioning

T: Temperature

U: Urine

V: Ventilator

W: Wounds/ Weight

X: Xerosis

Y: whY

Z: Zestful care of the patient

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