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"Try A Big Chocolate Chip Sundae, Double Dip Cherries And Peanuts Preferably Included": 

In order of their innervation, proximal to distal:

  • Triceps
  • Anconeus 
  • Brachioradialis
  • ext. Carpi radialis longus 
  • ext. Carpi radialis brevis 
  • Supinator
  • ext. Digitorum 
  • ext.Digiti minimi
  • ext. Carpi ulnaris 
  • Abductor poll. longus 
  • ext. Poll. brevis
  • ext. P poll. longus 

For the neighboring words that start with the same letter (eg: chocolate and chip), notice that the longer word in the mnemonic, corresponds to the longer of the two muscle names (ex: ext. carpi radialis longus and ext. carpi radialis brevis)ext. Indicis

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